Each year, a "Royalty Team" serves as ambassadors of the Greater Palm Springs Rodeo Corporation and Palm Springs Hot Rodeo to the local communities and organizations in the greater Palm Springs area, and to the IGRA and their member associations.  

A very big thank you to all the past Royalty Teams that have contributed to the success of the GPSRC and Hot Rodeos.


Tessa Trujillo, Miss Palm Springs (PS) Hot Rodeo 2022

Andy Siekkinen, Mr. PS Hot Rodeo 2022


Jayla Fox, aka Jason Eberle , Miss PS Hot Rodeo 2020/2021


Del Hoover, Mr. PS Hot Rodeo 2019

Joanie Spears, Ms. PS Hot Rodeo 2019

Adrienne Alexander, aka Jason Mattern, Miss PS Hot Rodeo 2019


Lola Marie Taylor, aka DJ Bell-Fair, Miss PS Hot Rodeo 2017/18

Jim Applegate, Mr. PS Hot Rodeo 2017/18


Charlie Thompson, Mr. PS Hot Rodeo 2016

Tasha Montiel, aka Randy Watson, Miss PS Hot Rodeo 2016

Cameron Holliday, Mr. PS Hot Rodeo 2016 1st Runner Up


Desirey Benavides, Ms. PS Hot Rodeo 2015

Christopher Durbin, Mr. PS Hot Rodeo 2015


Spike, Mr. PS Hot Rodeo 2014