Roping Events

Calf Roping on Foot (Toe-roping)

A great event for new Cowboys and Cowgirls.  The contestant stands in the roping box behind a designated line and attempts to rope a calf as it leaves the roping chute.  The contestant is not allowed to “snare” the calf and must throw  the loop over the calf’s head.  Once the loop passes over the calf’s head, the contestant must pull the slack and release the rope. 

Mounted Break-away Roping

Cowboys and Cowgirls compete in this event with their trained horse and a calf.  The contestant will tie the end of their rope to the saddle horn with a thin piece of string.  The contestant will ride their horse out of the roping box and must throw their loop over the calf’s head.  Once the loop passes over the calf’s head, slack in the rope is pulled which breaks the string and releases the rope from the saddle horn and signals the judge to stop the time.  Fastest time wins in this event. 

Team Roping

A traditional event composed of a team of two contestants (Cowboys and/or Cowgirls) on their trained horses and a roping steer.  A roping steer is extensively trained in this event and has special equipment placed on their head around their horns for protection.  The contestants ride their horses out of the roping boxes as the steer is released.  The “header” will throw their rope’s loop at the horns of the steer and once caught, dally their rope to their saddle horn.  They will turn their horse and the steer in a counterclockwise motion causing the steer’s hind end to swing out so the “heeler” can throw their loop at the hind legs of the steer.  Once the heeler has their loop set, the steer steps into the loop, they pull the slack and dally their rope to their saddle horn and back up to face the steer and the header to stop the time.