Camp Events

Whenever a group of cowhands get together for a good time, hell is going to be raised!  Cowhands generally have their own definition of fun and challenge.  After a few beers and some serious ego pumping, it is amazing what a group of cowhands can come up with!  Prerequisites for participation are a willingness to eat dirt and the ability to hold your own with an ornery steer or goat.  Sixty percent of contestants at a gay rodeo get their start in these three “camp events” and the old-timers stay in because the pay-offs (or winnings) are the best of all events. 

Goat Dressing

An athletic event composed of a team of two (cowboys and/or cowgirls), a goat, and a pair of briefs style underwear.  The contestants must run to a goat (one contestant carries the underwear), catch the goat, put the underwear on the goat (over the tail), and run back to the finish line.  Fastest time wins. 

Steer Decorating

A fast event composed of a team of two (cowboys and/or cowgirls) and one steer.  One contestant starts at a line 10-feet from the chute gate and holds the end of a 25-foot rope that is looped around the horns of a steer in the chute.  The second contestant starts at a line 40-feet from the chute and has a ribbon for tying on the tail of the steer.  The team can work together to get the steer out of the chute and across the 10-foot line.  Once across the 10-foot line, the contestant with the ribbon will tie it on the tail of the steer.  Once tied, the contestant with the rope can remove the rope from the horns of the steer while the ribbon-tying contestant runs back to the open chute that their steer came out of and tag the timer to end the event.  They cannot tag the timer until the rope is remove from the horns of the steer.  Fastest time wins. 

Wild Drag Race

An exciting, yet dangerous event composed of a team of three contestants and a steer with a halter and lead rope.  One constant must be male, one contestant must be female, and the third contestant can be either a male or female, but must be “in drag” (wig & dress).  The team members work together to lead the steer to the “finish line” while one team member assists, and the team member in drag readies to mount the steer near the finish line.  The steer is lead across the line and stopped for the drag to mount and ride back across the finish line.  Fastest time wins.